• Total area: 50.000 m2

  • Output Capacity: 150 conts /month

  • Main products: Engineering Quartz Slab

  • Production line: 4 lines

  • Employees: 350 workers

The total capacity of both factories is 200 cont/month for quartz slabs & 30 cont/month for cut-to-size products. Because quartz slab is one of the key products of Nhat Huy Group and has a large number of customers from many countries, NHG decided to set up a slab factory in NHS. Vinaquartz and NHS develop together with the same strategy:

  • NHS factory focuses on basic colors slabs, prefab products, and cut to size
  • Vinaquartz factory will focus on producing and exporting slabs with veins


We always focus on quality and service to bring the best satisfaction to all customers.

To start our tour, we welcome you into our purpose-built meeting room to provide a tour briefing and to explain what you will see as we walk around the factory. Then we hit the shop floor for the factory tour so that you can understand what goes into making Vinaquartz products. Finally, the tour is finished with a summary and Q&A session back in the meeting room.

Both factories are highly specialized and optimized for production. This is shown in the abilities and expertise of the workers and the R&D team, as well as the technological lines of machines and the strict quality control process.

If you are interested in finding out how we produce the finest quartz slab products, please get in touch to book a factory tour.

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