Amazing collections with chic designs for every style

Vinaquartz offers a wide variety of quartz countertops that exceed well over 200 colors and designs to suit all types of residential and commercial projects, meeting all the needs of design style, aesthetic taste and suitable for all financial budgets of users.

Advantages of strength, heat resistance, and timeless durability

For the optimal formulation of physical properties of our quartz, we only use the best raw materials during the manufacturing process. Quartz is unlike natural stone with many impurities, especially a lot of CaCO3 (limestone powder) in the composition, is easy to absorb and absorb moisture leading to mold and fungus during use. Therefore, we never replace fine quartz sand with calcium carbonate, so that our product can keep the same vivid color after years.

Owing to the efforts of our R&D team, Vinaquartz offers high-grade custom quartz surfaces that can withstand heat, spills, and scratches. They are not only beautiful but also durable, unique and time-tested; even more, they are as easy to maintain as our regular product lines. Products meet all test indicators of demanding customers such as the United States, Canada, or India.