According to the market report released at the end of 2021, it is predicted that the white quartz material still holds the top position in interior construction materials in 2022. In Vietnam, the quartz consumption and export market is still increasing compared to the fourth quarter of 2021. Vinaquartz’s quartz slab is considered the top surface material in Vietnam, maintaining its brand position and having outstanding sales.

Importing the Quartz slab from Vietnam: NOW is the time!

The market is moving slowly, along with the number of goods entering the US market is also decreasing. This has led to some businesses questioning whether or not it is worth importing goods at this time.

Comparing the freight situation in July 2022 with the same time in 2021, it has decreased by about USD4000/cont this year. This is a bright spot for businesses considering importing goods at present because sea freight is considered one of the most important costs when importing.

Moreover, some provinces in China are also in lockdown, so many goods from here to ports have decreased. As a result, space is available from Vietnam to major ports in the US. It also becomes a lot easier to get empty containers than in 2021.

When the market is gradually recovering, it is essential to have a suitable strategy when importing goods. Especially when sea freight tends to be preferential, companies should carefully follow the market to seize opportunities to boost business.

Update the sea freight for quartz slab from Vietnam to some main ports in the US

Due to China’s lockdown and some better signals of political status and pandemic, freight from Asia to the US in July tended to be lower compared to a few months ago.

Here are some updates on the sea freight situation in November 2022 as follows:

  • From HPH – Seattle/ Tacoma/ Long Beach/ Los Angeles: O/F about USD1300/ 20DC
  • From HPH – Miami/Baltimore/: O/F about USD3900/20DC
  • From HPH – New York/ Savanah/Houston/ Norfork: O/F about USD3600/20DC
  • From HPH – Houston/New Orlean/ Tampa: O/F about USD4050/20DC

Note: Freight rates are valid until November 15. We can catch shortfall trains from time to time or Spot service from Maersk carrier to improve the freight rates. Furthermore, if you want to check the details of the port, you can contact us.

Sea freight trends in the near future

Sea freight is expected to increase as the world slowly emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. This is due to a larger demand for goods as businesses reopen and resume normal operations. Especially the volume of Chinese goods will increase again after a long period of practicing social distancing.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider making some small orders to take advantage of the good rates. Regarding products, we would like to suggest some hot selling codes to help you release goods faster: VQ8098W, VQ8064W, and VQ8081W.

VQ8098W – Calacatta Gold
VQ8064W – Valentine Gold
VQ8081W – Calacatta Fantasy

These codes have a bright white background, easy to choose from, and are suitable for all spaces and customers. They are our most popular product codes because of their elegant, unique design and high practicality. If you are interested in these products, don’t hesitate to contact us; we are always welcome to send you samples for trial in your facility.


Why should you choose Vinaquartz from Vietnam?

In the context of the trade dispute between the US and China, this should be the right time for new markets like Vietnam to shine. In the past, large importers often imported goods from familiar markets such as India and China. However, this trend is gradually changing as they look for products from new markets with better quality and reasonable costs. Compared to the world’s two major manufacturing markets, China and India, Vietnam has a huge advantage from the better and more stable quality of input materials. In addition, we also have cheaper labor costs.

Boasting 15 years of establishment and development, Vinaquartz is ranked as one of Vietnam’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of quartz surface processing. With about 150 containers exported to US ports, we have a good relationship with forwarders and carriers. Therefore, we guarantee to support you in finding the parties with the best rates.

At Vinaquartz, we have dozens of quartz slab collections with hundreds of different color codes. Always catching up with market trends, white quartz is considered a key quartz slate product in the company’s brand development strategy and sales increase.

Find more about us: Vinaquartz – Vietnam’s Leading Artificial Stone Manufacturer.

Quartz slabs from Vinaquartz are committed to 100% Vietnamese materials and production lines, with no anti-dumping & low tariffs. Buying at Vinaquartz, customers can check samples and test 100% before choosing and signing a contract. We are always ready to show you our company’s commitment to excellence. Please kindly leave your information so that we can give you the best support!

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