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At the beginning of the year, the market report shows that the white quartz material still holds the top position in interior construction materials in 2022. In Vietnam, the quartz consumption and export market is still increasing compared to the fourth quarter of 2021. Vinaquartz quartz is considered the top surface material in Vietnam, maintaining its brand position and having outstanding sales.


SPECIAL OFFER SPRING 2022 – New Year's SPECIAL OFFER for quartz color codes at Vinaquartz, applicable to all domestic and international orders.

From now until March 31, 2022, any orders including products made from quartz stone or quartz slabs of Vinaquartz brand of Nhat Huy Group, customers will receive many incentives related to our prices and services:


Vinaquartz's biggest promotion ever UP TO 1000USD OFF


Celebrate the event – ​​Special offer for Quartz codes: Applicable to all tight veins patterns, including patterns that are hot selling colors and have a great price. Discount up to 1000 USD for:


Valentine Gold - VQ8064W


Giotto - VQ8066W


Misteri - VQ8067W


Special: We accept an International shipping service with two color codes for one container for special orders depending on customers' requirements.





Top 3 quartz manufacturers in Vietnam – 15 years of establishment and development – ​​Excellent service… are titles for Vinaquartz, the leading manufacturer and supplier of engineered quartz surfaces in Vietnam. Not only possessing the advantages of being a member of the large Nhat Huy Group but Vinaquart's quartz quality is always appreciated more than that of domestic and international suppliers.


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At Vinaquartz, we have dozens of quartz collections with hundreds of different color codes. Always keeping up with market trends, white quartz is considered a key quartz slab product in the company's brand development strategy and sales increase.


The white background slab uses the brightest white materials and lines only on the face. It is suitable for customers who like lightness but still want a luxurious space. We are currently confident to be the manufacturer that has the brightest white background for slabs in the Vietnam market.


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Quartz slab from Vinaquartz is committed to 100% of Vietnam's raw materials and production lines and has no anti-dumping & low tariffs. Buying at Vinaquartz, customers can check samples and test 100% before choosing and signing a contract.


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