Our Proudest Moment: Vinaquartz at Coverings 2023

Vinaquartz, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer in the quartz surfaces industry, recently participated in the renowned Coverings 2023 event in Orlando, USA. The event witnessed the presence of over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries worldwide and attracted more than 20,000 distributors, retailers, contractors, investors, architects, designers, builders, real estate developers, journalists, and reporters.

Vinaquartz made a stunning appearance at this event, captivating the attention of quartz importers, furniture companies, interior design companies and individual customers. Our booth 3492 welcomed over 600 customers, including 300 loyal customers, and sealed 10 contracts directly. These are some remarkable results that Vinaquartz achieved at Coverings 2023.

Ever since its establishment, Vinaquartz has been dedicated to providing high-quality quartz products, catering to the evolving demands of the market. At Coverings 2023, Vinaquartz displayed an incredible range of products that perfectly blend innovation, aesthetics, and durability. Visitors to booth 3492 could explore an array of quartz slabs with various finishing options like honed, cut, and polished. The quartz slabs were available in multiple colors, including white, black, gray, beige, and blue.

What’s interesting at Vinaquartz’s booth?

Introducing Vinaquartz’s Calacatta collection – a game-changer in the quartz slab industry! With unique stone patterns and innovative breakthroughs, such as: 

  • VQ8220 Black Thunder: Bold with bold black background with white & yellow veins
  • VQ8026W Soul Nebula: Luxurious liquid veins
  • VQ8081W Calacatta Fantasy: The rock code is hot in the US market
  • VQ8099W Calacatta Infiniti: Unique way with gray spider web details

Using cutting-edge quartz veining techniques, Vinaquartz’s products look and perform like real stone, with added benefits of scratch resistance, heat resistance, and low maintenance. Our Calacatta collection has garnered significant interest from customers, with numerous samples ordered for testing. 

Vinaquartz also showcases their trendsetting use of large format quartz slabs, resulting in seamless surfaces with fewer seams. These quartz slabs come in a variety of colors and patterns, perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom and flooring. Not only do these large slabs enhance aesthetics, but they also save time and cost during installation and maintenance.

Vinaquartz demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by presenting eco-friendly initiatives and certifications. Vinaquartz only uses natural materials and adheres to strict quality production standards. Experience the unparalleled beauty and performance of Vinaquartz’s Calacatta collection and large format quartz slabs today.

Experience the Beauty of Vietnamese Culture

At Coverings 2023, Vinaquartz proved to be a standout booth, not only for its attractive products but also for its unique background decor that embodies traditional Vietnamese culture. Additionally, visitors were drawn by the delicious specialties on offer, such as coffee, tea, and peanut brittle

What’s more, Vinaquartz’s expert team of well-trained professionals showcased our knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the quartz surfaces industry, providing customers with the best solutions for their projects. Undoubtedly, Vinaquartz’s performance at Coverings 2023 was a resounding success, cementing our position as a leader in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about our top-notch products and services, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team or visit our website for the latest information.